The Creamery at Twin Maple Farm offers two varieties of small batch, artisanal cow’s milk cheese: Hudson Red and Hudson Gold. Our locally-sourced milk is completely free of antibiotics and artificial hormones and all cheeses are made with 100% microbial rennet.

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Hudson Red

hudsonRedSmallHudson Red is our first born and a funky favorite. A red-headed stepchild of Tallegio, this raw cow’s milk cheese is made from the fresh and creamy cow’s milk of an all jersey herd and aged 60 – 90 days. Its rich paste and pungent, yet supple, rind will remind you of the loving care our cheesemakers provide during daily brine-washings.  Your first taste of this award-winning, Hudson Valley native is — in a word — unforgettable!

Pair it with a Belgian-style ale or a sweet Riesling.  And you can never go wrong with a glass of Gewurztraminer or a fruity Moscato — wines particularly suited because of their Northern Italian roots.

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Hudson Gold

Twin Maple Farm Hudson GoldLook out Red! Make whey for the new curd on the block: Hudson Gold. Using the same all-jersey milk, these little golden nuggets of raw milk bliss are crafted from a batch of Cheddar. Born in the vat like fresh curds, Hudson Gold matures through a process of hand-milling and salting. The curds are dried overnight to bring out their golden hue. The next morning, our cheesemaker fluffs the curds and then preps them for aging in the cave. Full of bold character, Hudson Gold is aged a minimum of 60 days and currently available in nugget form.

Go ahead, indulge. Take Hudson Gold along for your picnic. Or serve in a bowl as a centerpiece to your fruit platter Bacchanal. This cheese travels well and feels right at home with an English-style pale ale or an oaky red.

Hudson Truffle.. coming Summer 2013

Twin Maple Farm Hudson Truffle